Hardin Poultry is a small poultry (and a few other things) farm based in Crump, TN, near the Mississippi and Alabama borders. The concept behind Hardin Poultry was discussed long before April 2012, but became a much more concrete dream in that month. Holly and Jonathan both decided it was time to leave England and start a new life in the USA, specifically Tennessee.

Holly is a central England native, raised an hour north of London and has always enjoyed the lifestyle of living near a city, or just wandering around one. She fell into a career in banking and found she was actually good at it, progressing to the role of Counter Manager at a relatively young age. She grew up watching Wimbledon on television and at the age of 15 fell in love with a tennis player named Andy Roddick. It was that love affair, combined with a love of travelling and seeing new places, that allowed her to see a great deal of the world.

Jonathan was born in south-east England and spent his time concentrating on a career as a soccer referee. Moving through the ranks he officiated many high level matches in a number of different countries. Soccer is a winter sport in the UK, and as he had plenty of time in the summer to fill he found a part time career as a tennis official, which soon turned into a love obsession. Instead of a part time career it became a full time one. It allowed him to travel all over the world and Jonathan found himself crossing many things off his bucket list.

In Rome, at a Masters level event, tennis official met tennis fan and a new love affair was born. However, with both Jonathan and Holly getting tired in their respective careers there was one thing they both wanted - the opportunity to live and work in America, or the "American Dream". The search for a place to settle down was on, and with experienced knowledge of different states in the USA such as Florida (too hot in summer), Iowa (too cold in winter), Missouri (see Iowa), Illinois (too much snow) and California (too many earthquakes), Tennessee was settled on as having a manageable climate all year round - hotter than the UK in summer and similar in winter, but most importantly? A lot less rain.

The main goal by moving to the USA is to have a lifestyle which is self-sustainable. This means that we will be eating the eggs our chickens lay, the meat our animals produce and the vegetables which are grown in our garden. This way of living is very popular in the UK and we hope to introduce it to a wider audience in the USA.

We will be selling chicken eggs (good for eating) and duck eggs (good for baking) - although duck eggs are widely used in baking in England they do not appear as popular in the USA. Why use duck eggs over chicken eggs? They give pastries and cakes a richer flavor, and as they are larger the cakes will rise more. Along with eggs we will be selling several different breeds of chickens (or ducks) so you can have a freshly laid egg every morning!

Originally our focus was going to be chickens, however we have expanded our horizons to have ducks, quail, pigs, goats, turkeys, peacocks, pheasants, cows and a llama. Meat and milk from the animals we raise will be available to purchase in our farm store but unfortunately not online at the moment, along with vegetables we grow ourselves. You can be sure that no pesticides have been used on our products!

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